With several cruise lines adding lifeguards to pools, child safety is a hot topic. Andy Stuart, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, and Vicki Freed,…

The new $9 per flight segment fee is applied only to ticket sales agents that do not have a partnership agreement with UIA. Get the details here.

The awards recognize individuals and organizations whose efforts and accomplishments represent a significant contribution to the cruise industry. More here.

Starting April 24, the Galapagos Great Escape Sweepstakes will send ten viewers on a cruise with Alex Trebek. See more here.

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The global anthology series tells the story of Albert Einstein. See what guests can expect here.

The chef will join the Tahiti & the Society Islands voyage for a lecture and culinary demonstration. More here.

Several media outlets have reported that a maintenance manager was killed and four other employees were injured following an explosion at Riu Reggae Hotel in…