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YTB Conventions Kicks Off Amidst War of Words

July 30, 2009 By: Kirk Cassels

YTB's annual convention kicked off yesterday in St. Louis, and George Dooley interviewed one of the event's attendees, Doug Bauknight— a staunch supporter and defender of YTB.

In the inverview, Bauknight talks about YTB's victory in Illinois and loss in California, and responds to critics of the company, calilng some commentary "malicious" or "obsessed."

It looks like his critics are quick to respond back to Bauknight, as some have already posted comments on the story, speaking about him and YTB

Simon said
"I bet Bauknight has a big box of pagers for sale, or maybe a garage full of vitamins. YTB is dead. Attorney General Jerry Brown killed the beast and nobody is willing to admit the corpse is rotting."

Rosie ranted:
"Reading what this guy says reminds me of the disingenuous discourse of Enron execs just prior to the grand demise of that scam. YTB is nothing more then a ponzi scheme - no matter what kind of costume you try to dress it up in."

But not all of the comments posted are anti-Bauknight.

Boen came to his defense, saying
"Hey all you guys out there. After YTB went through 2 battles with Ca and Il, they are now on the recovery process. People may say anything they want, but YTB is going stronger every day. Like a sick person, he needs a time to heal. It is the nature of the business. No reason to argue or debate here. If you are not satisfied, why don't you ask the founders themselves directly, I am sure they are very open minded people and love to share the victorious news with ALL of you out there. Find out directly from the source. Why creating a gossip room here. YTB will be the leader by 2020, no doubt, they are on track for this massive success."

The comments on the story continue to pour in and you can partake in this discussion in real time right now at AgentNation, the only social community online for all types of travel agents. There is even a YTB group on the site, where (whether you are a YTB agent or not) you can interact with each other on the controversial subject. Sign up or log in today.

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