Montserrat Yacht Arrivals Continue to Soar


The Montserrat Tourist Board (MTB) announced Wednesday that its yachting sector has seen a 62-percent spike in yacht arrivals since 2005. Up from 219 yacht arrivals in 2005, arrivals in 2008 reached 354 yachts and brought a total of 1,840 passengers to the island.

The Board attributes the increase to a successful marketing campaign. In fact, despite a decline in stay-over and day trip arrivals as a result of limited air and sea access to the island, the MTB continues to actively pursue niche tourism markets in order to solidify Montserrat as a viable tourism destination. The MTB marketing efforts to promote the island as a yachting destination include advertisements in the annual Antigua Marina Guide and a strong presence during the annual Antigua Boat Show and Sailing Week.