NCL Launches Global Commission Payments for Travel Partners

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) announced that it is launching global commission payments (GCP) as part of its Partnership 2.0 initiative. The GCP program will make it easier for NCL’s travel partners to receive commission faster and more consistently.

As part of the program, travel partners can receive consolidated payments from NCL, from marketing funds to commissions, including from other participating vendors, with a detailed description of all payments. In addition, travel partners can elect to receive electronic fund transactions which will speed up the time it takes for them to receive their funds which go directly into their bank accounts. Travel partners will continue to receive an email from NCL advising them of their upcoming payment.

The news comes shortly after NCL announced the formation of the Partnership 2.0 Advisory Board, a group comprising 16 select travel agents from across the country who represent a cross-section of NCL’s travel partners. The board meets periodically, providing feedback to NCL regarding new travel partner programs and advancements, along with suggestions for improving existing policies, communications and product delivery.