Flamingo Lodge, Everglades National Park’s Only Hotel, Demolished


According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, Flamingo Lodge, the only hotel in Everglades National Park, is now a heap of rubble.

Due to Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, the hotel has suffered major damage since 2005. The two-story hotel, built in 1959 to cater to tourists traveling by car, sat 38 miles down the park’s main road.

Attempts were made to rebuild the hotel, including a proposal for a smaller and storm-resistant hotel as a candidate for stimulus funding from the Obama administration. The proposal, however, did not go through mainly because rebuilding plans are not far enough along at the moment.

Finding funding is a problem, and the park’s best bet might be to look to a public-private partnership.

In general, the park plans to replace the lodge and already razed cabins with a 30-room hotel and 24 cottages. Forty eco-tent structures could be used during the winter and moved for hurricanes. The park has reopened campgrounds in Flamingo; however, major renovations could be years away.