Mauna Kea Beach Hotel to Open New Restaurant

Prince Resorts Hawaii has selected owners of the Flagstaff House Restaurant, brothers Mark and Scott Monette, to develop and operate a new restaurant and bar/cafe at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel in Hawaii. The new restaurant will be called Monettes and will have full ocean views of Kauna’oa Bay.

Monettes is scheduled to debut in March. The restaurant will serve American French cuisine with island influences in a fine dining atmosphere. While Monettes will provide cuisine that reflects the flavors of the islands, the restaurant will also serve several signature dishes from the Monettes’ Flagstaff House Restaurant in Boulder, CO, such as the Colorado rack of lamb, which was featured on Food Network. Monettes will also offer a more casual dining experience within the restaurant and adjacent outdoor terrace with the new Bar M Café.  We hear the café will serve a variety of unique specialty cocktails utilizing fresh squeezed juices and herbs.