Tel Aviv Launches Yearlong Program of Centennial Festivals, Events


The modern city of Tel Aviv, Israel, which was founded in 1909 as a suburb of Jaffa, will celebrate its centennial this year with a year-long schedule of festivals, concerts, exhibitions and performances.

Some events will include: The Gala Celebration on April 4th at Rabin Square, featuring a fireworks display and a concert by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra; two nationwide sports competitions, the Tel Aviv Marathon on April 24 and the International RS: X Class European Windsurfing Competition from June 10-20; the annual White Night Celebration on May 27, featuring live music, actors and stagecoaches; a free outdoor production of Verdi’s Requiem by the La Scala Opera House on July 16; and Tel Aviv-Jaffa's Blue Festival from June 17-18.