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Cuba On Site: Pondering Cuba's Future
April 21, 2010

If and when the ban lifts on travel to Cuba, it remains to be seen how the island nation deals with the influx of an estimated one million curious American travelers in the following 12 months. More>>

blank Cruise Prices Hikes Get Mixed Reviews
March 30, 2010

Is this growth in cruise sales helping agents? Given the anecdotal feedback we've received from agents this past week, it's a mixed bag of results with some positive trends.More>>

ruthanne terrero Travel Agents on Facebook: Success Stories
March 23, 2010

Ruthanne Terrero discusses how she's seen Facebook evolve into an extremely dynamic venue for travel agents to engage with their clients and potential clients.More>>

Old synagogue in Essen, Germany European Travel Rising
March 16, 2010

From green tourism to visiting Sherlock Holmes’ haunts, unusual themes boost travel to Europe this year.More>>

blank Where do the Pros Go?
February 18, 2010 slide show

We asked leading travel professionals where they like to go on vacation, and received a surprising range of destinations and tips that you can share with your clients.More>>

blank Rate Your Consortium
January 4, 2010 What's Your Opinion?

A new year brings much too look forward to as much as to reflect on when selling travel. As 2010 is underway, we want to know what you think of your consortium and how it will affect your business.More>>

new york travel Your 2010 Survival Guide
December 23, 2009

Any guide for agents in 2010 has to be approached carefully, keeping in mind the volatile economy, changes in the agency industry and the search for new viable, profitable retail business models.More>>

blank Travel Industry Recession Report Card
December 7, 2009

Ashish Sanghrajka, president of Big Five, has written an open letter to the industry regarding the value of business owners doing periodic reviews, especially in such uncertain times.More>>

blank Effective Communication in Selling Travel
November 10, 2009

Understanding the psychology of communication by learning how to speak and what vocabulary to use to present an offer is as important for agents as understanding human nature.More>>

River Beatrice New Twists in River Cruising
November 5, 2009

Though a predominantly adult experience, with couples, singles and mature ladies boarding riverboats to sail the world’s scenic waterways, the trend is becoming a family affair.More>>