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GBTA Encouraged by Passage of FAA Bill   April 4, 2011

House-approved bill will accelerate NextGen navigation plans for airlines, according to the Global Business Travel Association.More>>

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Take Us With You   April 4, 2011

From print to online to mobile, Travel Agent has stayed relevant to the times--and so should you.More>>

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Centrav Launches Consolidator Mobile Fares Site   March 30, 2011

Air consolidator website Centrav has launched a mobile site exclusively for travel agents. More>>

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American Express Launches Compliance and Planning Tool   March 30, 2011

With Pre-Trip Auditor tool, companies can control their costs and keep an eye on the bottom line, American Express says. More>>

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Does An Airfare Cost Crisis Loom?   March 8, 2011 Exclusive

Sparked by ongoing unrest in the Middle East and North Africa and the threat of higher oil prices, air lines face a tough challenge to keep fares low enough to sustain demand while covering costs.More>>

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Travelers Need to Insure Rising Airfares   March 1, 2011

Travelers who normally skip insurance on airline tickets may want to reconsider as airfares rise. More>>

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ARTA Praises AA Decision on Surcharge    February 17, 2011

ARTA-Canada reports changes in AA booking policy. More>>

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Once Again, Man Trumps Machine   February 10, 2011

When things go wrong on a trip, it’s good to have a travel agent in your back pocket—or on your speed dial, as the case may be.More>>

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Amadeus Sells Opodo   February 9, 2011

European online agency to be sold.More>>

John McMahon Article
Service Is All You Have   February 4, 2011

Nothing that agents sell is as exclusive to them as their service.More>>