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A Conversation with Matthew Upchurch   June 10, 2010 Exclusive

At cruise3sixy in Vancouver, Susan J. Young interviewed the CEO of Virtuoso to talk about his induction into the 2010 CLIA Hall of Fame as well as insight about his career and industry trends.More>>

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Incite Your Clients to Travel   April 21, 2010

Having turned the corner on the downturn, keep the last-minute discount-seekers at bay by approaching clients with your can’t-turn-down itineraries.More>>

Ruthanne Terrero Article
Gauging Business, Setting Goals   February 12, 2010

Agents feel the turn of the year has set the pulse of the travel industry racing once again.More>>

Ruthanne Terrero Article
It’s Time to Get Your Game On   January 29, 2010

Agents need to cash in on the optimism and enthusiasm that has come the way of the travel industry with the onset of the new year.More>>

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Empowering Home-Based Agents    January 15, 2010

Aggressive marketing, solid technologies and the backing of well-managed host agencies, consortia and associations will make a decisive difference for home-based independent agents in 2010.More>>

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Make Memories, Make a Difference, Make Money   January 13, 2010

While niche travel focuses on a particular theme, it should ideally ensure the experience is complete and speaks to the traveler’s needs.More>>

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Your 2010 Survival Guide   December 23, 2009

Any guide for agents in 2010 has to be approached carefully, keeping in mind the volatile economy, changes in the agency industry and the search for new viable, profitable retail business models.More>>

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Here’s the 2010 Playing Field   December 22, 2009

What the new year has in store for agents and how they can make the best of it.More>>

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The Language of Selling   December 15, 2009

It is important for agents to understanding the psychology of communication, including learning how to speak and what vocabulary to use while making their pitches.More>>

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Setting Your 2010 Strategy   December 3, 2009

Zeroing in on the market for travel in 2010 calls for an innovative approach.More>>