After Tragedy, Europe Keeps Pushing On


Naturally, the biggest news from Europe this week was the earthquake that killed over 250 people in Italy early Monday morning and left thousands more injured and homeless. No matter how much the damage is estimated to cost, the loss of homes and lives is invaluable, and everyone here at Travel Agent sends our heartfelt condolences to all of the people who have been affected by this tragedy. Anyone wishing to help can visit the Italian Red Cross’ website at

But there was good news from Europe this week as well, in addition to President Obama’s successful tour. The Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg got a new General Manager when Asaad M. Farag took the helm. Air France and Gol/VARIG signed a cooperation agreement that will let their frequent fliers use their miles on more flights. And in Italy, the Hotel Raito earned the International Five Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Services.

On, you can read about springtime in Seville, Spain, where Semana Santa is currently going on, with processions of religious statues crowding the narrow streets. Later this month, the spring fair (Feria) will begin, and the city will shut down so that locals and guests can drink and dance and enjoy life for a solid week. It's a wonderful time to be in Europe and to watch spring bloom. Encourage your clients to go see what the different countries have in store for them.