Bonaire's Dive Into Summer 2009

Bonaire's Dive Into Summer 2009 program is offering visitors a chance to get to know the island. This particular on-island plan offers the option to take part in special dives, eco-oriented activities and festivals. Visitors will also be given the opportunity to participate in Bonaire’s “Celebrate Our Planet Week,” which will take place August 15 - 22.

Bonaire will welcome famed oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, who will host numerous themed dives and activities in several on-island events designed to highlight Bonaire’s continued leadership in sustainable tourism.

Bonaire's Dive Into Summer will also include other events such as:

The Fifth Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival:
where a variety of music styles will be heard around the island when internationally famous musicians mingle with the island’s local bands.  

Fifth Annual Starboard Pro Kids Freestyle World Championship: Visitors can watch well known international windsurfers as they show their amazing freestyle skills at Lac Bay/Sorobon.  The event features some of windsurfing’s best freestyle talent, the best judges, and key personalities of the windsurfing world.