Image Tours Inc. Resigns USTOA Membership

Image Tours Inc. has resigned its membership in the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) and, as such, will no longer participate in the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program.

“Travel agents should be aware that purchases of Image Tours products made prior to November 4, are fully protected under the USTOA $1 million Travelers Assistance Program” advised USTOA President, Bob Whitley. "Client payments thereafter will not be covered by the USTOA program.”

Image Tours, Inc. President Mike Kasmauskis said that the company’s main reason for resigning is based on the cost of the $1 million bond, a requirement for membership. He stated that Image Tours Inc. will be setting up a trust account to accommodate all Travel Seller Laws. “USTOA is one of the best associations in the industry and we have gained much from our membership in the organization,” said Kasmauskis.

“Image Tours has been a good member of USTOA, and we look forward to the company’s return in the future,” says Whitley.