Is This the Airplane Seat of the Future?

Here's some cool news for air travelers everywhere: An undergraduate at the University of Malaya has designed a new airplane seat that would allow everyone on the plane to recline at a 45 degree angle without invading the space of their neighbors. 

Alireza Yaghoubi's AirGo design, which he submitted for a Dyson Award and which is featured on Gothamist, has foot rests and trays (adjustable by touch-screen) that aren't connected to the seat in front of the passenger, and a drop-down computer screen that lets passengers purchase applications, movies, songs, games and books that could be used on their other devices elsewhere through cloud syncing. The passengers can video chat with others and call home for small rates or they can choose to take part in surveys or watch advertisements to use these services free of charge. They can connect to the local network and play matches against other passengers.

According to Yaghoubi's design page, the seat is made of a "strong nylon mesh which readily takes the shape of your body to avoid fatigue and additionally prevents sweating." The seats reportedly only take up 16 percent more space on an average airplane.

Check out more aspects of the design here and share your vision for a perfect (and practical) airplane seat in the comments below.