ARC Accelerates Data Availability

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) announced the next step in speeding availability of its “world class” quality settlement data to its customers by decoupling same-day voiding.  The initiative, to be implemented this summer, will improve the timeframe for data availability by 36 percent or a full-day improvement for most daily sales cycles.

“Our continuing mission has been to make ARC’s data more accurate and available in an ever more timely fashion," said ARC president and CEO, David Collins. "This improvement is yet another in a long line of innovations that leverage the cooperative effort of travel agencies and ARC’s Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) tool bringing the industry the highest quality transaction data available today. Through our advisory groups and outreach to travel agencies, we have heard the concerns around the effects of reducing the timeframe that travel agencies have to void a ticket to the same day as it was issued. We conducted a thorough examination of the issues and opportunities and concluded that a major improvement to data availability could be made without requiring so-called ‘same-day voiding.’”