ARC Accreditation and VTC Marks Reflect New Look

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) has released a new look for its ARC Accreditation Mark and the VTC Service Mark.


“We encourage ARC-accredited travel agencies and Verified Travel Consultants (VTCs) to use the new mark as soon as possible as we continue to support and recognize use of the previous marks until they are phased out,” ARC said in a statement. “While we recognize that many agents have already incorporated the marks released last year, we wanted to make our updated marks available as soon as possible."

ARC said travel professionals who downloaded the previously release, maredk for Web use, don't need to do a thing— the new one will appear automatically in web applications and still function with ARCCheck. For those agencies or VTCs that may be ready to update printed materials, however, ARC asks agents to be sure to use a new set of marks.


These are available for download at for the ARC Accreditation Mark and for the ARC VTC Mark. Agents with questions can contact ARC at [email protected].