ASTA Alerts Agents to Changes in ARC Reporting Agreement

ASTA reports that the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) has modified the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) effective November 10, noting that the proposed changes were presented to members of ARC's Joint Advisory Board earlier this year. Instead of relying on signature cards to obtain agents consent to the changes, ARC will use their continued participation, or use, of its services after the effective date to indicate your acceptance of the changes.

“Many of the changes were made to streamline the document, yet some of the changes were objected to by ASTA,” the Association said in a statement. The revised agreement, along with a summary prepared by ARC, can be found online. ASTA members can find a summary of some of the more relevant changes on

ARC's Board of Directors approved a number of changes to the ARA after consulting with travel agent representatives. Agents can contact ARC's Customer Support Center at [email protected] or call 703-816-8003 for questions or further information.