Delta, Northwest Reduce GDS Booking Policy Fees


Effective today, Delta and Northwest/KLM will align their GDS booking policies and fees. ASTA warns, however, that the two airlines have noted that they will continue to manage their debit memo processes as separate entities – at least until further notice. Northwest will continue to issue debit memos in the same manner it does today and Delta will begin to issue its debit memos through ARC’s Memo Manager. Delta stopped processing debit memos through ARC Payment Express at the end of 2008.

The new consolidated, yet lower booking violation fees are $3.50 per passenger per segment or $15 per segment depending on the nature of the violation, plus a $50 administrative fee per debit memo. Violations charged at the $15 level are billed per segment, regardless of whether there are multiple passengers in the Passenger Name Record (PNR) segment.

The consolidated airlines’ GDS Booking Policies primarily focus on violations associated with Inactive, Passive, Duplicate, Fraudulent, Fictitious, Speculative, Invalid Name Change and Churning. Further information, including details on “How to Avoid Booking Policy Violations”  and a list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found by visiting Delta’s Online Agency Service Center or Northwest’s agency Web site WorldAgent Direct.