Flight Attendant Campaigns to Be America's Next Airline CEO


Gailen David, a 30-year airline industry veteran, has launched a campaign to be America's next airline CEO. His blog carries his latest YouTube campaign messages, which describe his vision of a new, brighter era in air travel, reintroducing much of what has disappeared over the years. Bringing hospitality back to the airline experience is one of his top priorities as he plans to lift the morale of employees, better equipping them to give customers the special care they deserve.

"When you support employees, they will take care of the customer," said David. "I've lived it. Everyone, including shareholders, will reap the rewards of a much healthier company!"

David has been preparing for a leadership position at an airline company since he was only nine years old and he received recognition and encouragement from Eastern Airlines, who dubbed him the "youngest travel agent." Today, his trademarked Jetiquette program is his way of promoting a more pleasant travel experience for all.

"When companies have Jetiquette, which means that every decision is being made to create the best travel experience, customers and employees all benefit," David said.