The All-Important Annual Update on Italy

italy focus coverTime and time again, Italy has topped the list among favored destinations for both travel experts and consumers and this year is no different. While Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan are the pillars of tourism in Italy, the Italian Government Tourist Board is campaigning to ensure tourists enjoy the full extent of Italian hospitality.

"We are ... pushing alternative destinations; we have created a network called 'The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy,' which are beautiful for historical and architectural reasons. Although some of them are small in size, they actually have some of the most extraordinary things you will see in Italy," said Francesco Brazzini, marketing and event coordinator, Italian Government Tourist Board. 

Questex Travel Group's 2016 Italy Focus gives travel advisors a firsthand look at tourism initiatives in the major cities, as well as up-and-coming regions. The 32-page guide is packed with insights from Italy specialists, including what makes Puglia "wonderful" and why foodies will love Turin. The planner also reports on new sites and tours and provides tips on avoiding crowds in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and Lake Como. Plus, readers can reference the comprehensive luxury hotel guide, which profiles existing and new properties all year.