Amadeus Partners With Munich and Copenhagen Airports

airlineAmadeus reports it has reached agreement with Munich and Copenhagen airports to jointly work in the development and implementation of two new airport IT solutions. The products - AmadeusAirport Sequence Manager and Amadeus Airport Fixed Resource Optimiser – will form part of Amadeus’ new suite of solutions for airports. 

In collaboration with Munich Airport, one of the busiest European airports with nearly 400,000 aircraft movements in 2012, Amadeus will launch its Airport Sequence Manager. The solution optimizes the flight departure runway sequencing and provides a common situational awareness for all participants in airport operations.  

Working with Copenhagen Airport, Scandinavia’s main airport, Amadeus will develop Amadeus Airport Fixed Resource Optimiser. This solution is designed to determine the best possible fixed resource allocation against the flight schedule and attributes based on an airport’s and the airlines’ business drivers, including passengers.

“Today airports are at a crossroads and need to decide if they remain pure-play infrastructure managers or evolve the business model to become sophisticated and business-oriented service providers. However, this change poses significant challenges, many of which are technological,” said Michael Zaddach, Senior Vice President IT, Munich Airport. 

“Technology has the potential to transform the efficiency of airport operations, ensuring decision making across partners is more collaborative, more accurate and based on a view of customer and operational requirements from across the travel chain,” commented John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus.