American Express Global Business Travel Introduces New Technology

travel agentAmerican Express Global Business Travel (GBT) introduced new servicing and technology tools and platforms. It said the resources will foster stronger connections and enable smarter communications with travelers and travel managers.

Central to these solutions is GBT’s focus on interacting with business travelers when and how they want to be reached. GBT also focused on ensuring a seamless experience from trip planning and booking to traveler care in the case of a disruption.

The solutions announced today include the launch of "First from American Express Global Business Travel" and major enhancements to GBT’s existing AX CONNECT product and TripCase integration.

“There is no question that global commerce is at an important nexus, with strong groundswells of consumerization and globalization shaping the demands of our customers and changing the way all businesses do business," said Bill Glenn, president and CEO, American Express Global Business Travel.

“Technology and innovation that address these trends are at the heart of our strategies for growth as we continue our transformation at GBT.” Mr. Glenn added, “We understand that ease and efficiency are as paramount to business travelers as are consistency, control, and transparency to the companies that send their employees out on the road."

He said the solutions announced today demonstrate GBT's commitment to investing in technology that meets these needs.

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New Premium Service Platform

"First from American Express Global Business Travel" is a new solution for road warriors and executive travelers. American Express says it provides these business travelers with everything from personalized business trip planning to continuous monitoring and anticipation of traveler needs as well as proactive care while on the road.

First from American Express Global Business Travel is now available to GBT customers in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

The bedrock of First is an elite team of expert travel counselors and the next-generation technology, the company said. GBT stressed in a press release that these experts go above and beyond simply selecting the right airline seat or meal preference; they are virtually alongside the traveler, 24/7.

First travel counselors are empowered to advocate and immediately resolve issues on the traveler’s behalf, utilizing supplier relationships and travel disruption notification technology. GBT said they're committed to finding solutions that remove travel obstacles and ensure a traveler can maximize productivity while on the road.

A thorough welcome interview of each traveler provides the First team with an understanding of the traveler’s habits, priorities and preferences.

First also provides the traveler with access to a single, dedicated team of experienced travel specialists who are available any day, any time, no matter where the traveler is located.

Advanced technology will identify the caller by any of his or her phone numbers and ensure the travel expert has information and preferences necessary to anticipate and address the traveler’s needs.

Proactive disruption management through AX CONNECT, GBT’s traveler care solution, enables First travel experts to proactively alert travelers to potential problems and secure alternative travel arrangements via SMS, e-mail or by using a dedicated mobile app.

New “Card Swipe” Functionality for AX CONNECT

In a crisis, incomplete itinerary information and spotty cellular and data connections can thwart travel managers’ attempts to locate and provide care to their employees, GBT said. Thus, GBT has developed new “card swipe” functionality for its AX CONNECT product.

This will allow travel managers or company security teams to view an integrated representation of a traveler’s itinerary information and recent American Express Corporate Card transactions to help pinpoint their location during an emergency situation.

Knowing where and when employees have used their corporate card empowers businesses to locate and assist their travelers in times of need with greater accuracy and speed. Once they have located their travelers, AX CONNECT’s intuitive user interface enables travel managers to push crucial information to them via SMS, e-mail, or a mobile app, and prioritize aid to those travelers with the greatest need.

Personalized Travel Benefits Delivered through TripCase

GBT also extended its integration with TripCase, Sabre’s itinerary management app, to display trip-relevant supplier benefits such as free in-room Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast options. This information is customized to the individual traveler and his or her itinerary and is displayed through the TripCase application on the traveler’s mobile device.

This enhancement builds upon the existing capability for American Express Corporate Card members to link their cards to the TripCase application for easy access and reminders about their travel-related card benefits.

GBTA Convention 2014

GBT invites attendees of the GBTA Convention 2014 to visit Booth #2039 and to download the company’s event app here to enhance the experience at this week's GBTA trade show in Los Angeles.

Alicia Tillman, vice president, deal consulting and business services, American Express Global Business Travel, moderated a panel on Monday morning at GBTA. It was entitled “Value of GLP to your Travel Program and Your Career.”

In addition, Milton Rivera, vice president, global business development, American Express Meetings & Events, will lead an education session entitled “Great Expectations: The Evolving Landscape of Social Media and Virtual Technology in Meetings” on Wednesday, July 30 at 7:30 am in GBTA Academy Hall.

In this session, conference goers will hear about new proprietary research of meeting planners/owners versus meeting attendees on expectations for virtual and social media in meetings.