Arctic Kingdom Announces New Polar Bears and Northern Lights Excursion

polar bear
Photo by Stefan Cook via Flickr. 

Arctic Kingdom announced this week that it will be offering its Polar Bear Migration Fly-in Photo Safari itinerary for the 2015-2016 season. The four-night, five-day adventure allows travelers to experience first-hand polar bear migration, up-close wildlife viewing and the chance to enjoy the Northern Lights. 

Guests on this adventurous land trip will stay in a former polar bear hunting camp in Nunavut. Each cabin includes an en-suite shower, a lounge and fireplace and is protected by an invisible fence that lines the perimeter of the camp. Because the only way to access the campsite is by aircraft, guests will experience first-hand the natural beauty and wildlife of the Arctic, spotting arctic fox, caribou, wolverine and gyrfalcon every day. 

Led by experienced Inuit natives, the itinerary also covers treks over the frozen tundra, plenty of photography opportunities and views of the Northern Lights. 

Interested travelers can still book October 22, October 26 and October 30, 2015 departure dates or select any 2016 departure dates. Rates begin at $7,995 per person. For more information on Arctic Kingdom, visit