Australian Airlines Reconsider In-Flight Wi-Fi

SmartphoneDespite the fact that over 20 air carriers worldwide have adopted Wi-Fi services that allows passengers to remain connected after takeoff, Australian airlines, including Qantas and Virgin Australia, have yet to include in-flight connectivity for travelers. reports that, according to Mobile OnAir, 80 percent of passengers carry smartphones, of which 37 per cent use in-flight networks while travelling. Airlines that have already incorporated Wi-Fi packages, such as Etihad Airways, have noticed an 80 percent increase in Wi-fi connectivity in 2014. 

Though Qantas did not adopt in-flight Wi-Fi due to low uptake rates after a trial period several years ago, recent trends may have the company reconsider the implementation of satellite technology, on domestic flights in particular. Similarly, Virgin Australia is looking into profitable solutions that will enable customers to access emerging technologies.