Austria Suspends the Schengen Agreement

According to several sources, including Newsweek and, Austria has suspended the Schengen agreement, which allows travelers to move unhindered across borders of several European countries. This decision will affect migrants seeking asylum in European countries. 

Warner Faymann, Austria’s chancellor, was recently quoted in Newsweek and Austria’s newspaper Österreich, where he addressed the decision to suspend Schengen. 

“Anyone who arrives at our border is subject to control,” he said.

This means that migrants looking to pass through Germany and other countries (as of Saturday) will be halted at the Austrian border, Newsweek continued. 

"Earlier on Friday," wrote, "the policy of free movement within the European Union was questioned by Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schauble." He said that Europe's open border policy may be "close" to ending, reported

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