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For years, the typical tourist route in Italy was Rome-Florence-Venice. But now, with the growth in repeat tourism, the traveling public's yen for off-the-beaten-path experiences and the proliferation of media that spread the word about less-familiar destinations, tourists are venturing to all parts of the country.

Italy Every Which Way

Here is a sampling of escorted tour packages to Italy in various niches. Other operators have programs in the same markets, and all operators mentioned here run trips to Italy besides these. Prices quoted are per person, double, and do not include transatlantic airfare.

Canada: Calgary

In this Alberta city, downtown is easy to get around and filled with historic and cultural attractions

Brooklyn’s Hotel Le Bleu

Brooklyn has been called a lot of things in its 400-year history: “the garden spot of the universe” (a tongue-in-cheek nickname still cited by some old-timers), “city of homes and churches” (to distinguish it from its corrupted neighbor, Manhattan, at the turn of the century) and, more recently, “the locus of the world’s hipster activity,” as The New York Times put it in a 2006 real-estate article.


In the 20th century, Brooklyn was an immigrant haven and a beloved hometown to millions before suffering a severe decline after the middle class fled to the suburbs.