Austrian Tourist Office


Austrian Tourist Office

The Austrian Tourist Office is the official destination marketing organization for Austria and supports the agent community in a variety of ways. Whether by providing unforgettable itinerary suggestions, connecting with partners in Austria, brushing up your knowledge on Austria, or by simply answering questions via phone. 

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The Latest

Austria is a country filled with a fascinating history. Visitors flock to its museums, stroll along avenues and view architecture that dates back centuries. But what if travelers could start their historical adventure each morning in Austria right where they sleep? They can if they choose to stay in one of the country’s historic properties that are part of its exclusive Austria Hotel Collection.
Guests get immediate access to locals when they stay in one of the many family-owned or family-run properties that are part of The Austria Collection, which are invitation-only and hand-picked by the Austrian Tourist Office to provide “a uniquely Austrian travel experience.”
There is an incredible amount of great art and architecture in Austria that range from works that are centuries-old to contemporary pieces. Visitors can spend days upon days visiting the country’s countless museums and collections; here are a select few as starting points for an art-focused vacation.