Kate Jansen


Kate Jansen is an Editorial Intern for Travel Agent and Luxury Travel Advisor magazines. She is a senior English Literature major at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, with a passion for traveling to new regions and meeting new people. 

Kate has always believed that the best way to experience new cultures is through food, and has since made an effort try a variety of local cuisines, ranging from guinea pig in Ecuador to pig's feet in the Pyrenees. She has tested her skills in the culinary arts by learning how to make spring rolls in Vietnam and pasta in Tuscany. Aside from eating and cooking, her hobbies include Instagramming what she eats and cooks, collecting Christmas ornaments from the places she’s visited, and obsessing over her Havanese-Toy Poodle, Kenzie. She is also an avid skier and hopes to shred all seven continents someday. 

While studying journalism last semester in London, England, Kate had the unique opportunity to travel around the city and Europe. Her favorite weekend trips included touring the canals in Amsterdam and Bruges, tasting beer and pretzels in Munich, hiking the fjords in Norway, and of course, getting lost in London’s Borough Market. She is the author of her blog, Kate from CT, which documents her travels through Europe, the United States, and beyond.