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Kathleen M. Mangan
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Stories by Kathleen M. Mangan

Irish Golf Experience

Ireland has nearly 450 golf courses, including a third of the world’s seaside links courses (over 50), plus a variety of parkland and heathland courses.

Ireland's Pastoral Regions

Music streams out of O'Connor's Bar in the center of Killarney, Ireland, every time the door opens onto the sidewalk, with lively jigs and reels beckoning to passersby.

An Irish Welcome in the Kingdom of Kerry

Cead Mile Failte, "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes," is the age-old slogan of Irish hospitality and tourism. Your clients will feel this warm welcome wherever they go in the southwest region of Ireland, known as the Kingdom of Kerry. Whether stopping to enjoy a pint of Guinness or a pot of tea, asking directions to a ring fort or an artist's studio, or simply sharing a bench at a scenic overlook, they'll feel right at home chatting up the locals.

Recommending the Right All-Inclusive Resort

All-Inclusive Resorts are Tailoring Their Facilities and Services to Appeal to Certain Travelers, in Order to Differentiate their Product from Competitors. The challenge for travel agents is keeping up with market developments and determining which all-inclusive properties are right for their clients.

Tryall Club & Half Moon

In the early days of Jamaica Tourism, old-money families, celebrities and captains of industry came to Tryall Club (www.tryallclub.com) and Half Moon (www.halfmoon.com) in Montego Bay.

Honduras is Poised for Tourism Growth

In the race to become the next popular tourist hot spot in Central America (following in Costa Rica's footsteps), Honduras is working hard for the honors. The country currently attracts less than half the number of visitors (700,000 last year compared to Costa Rica's 1.6 million), but expects a 10 to 15 percent increase in visitors in 2006, according to Ricardo Martinez, Honduras Minister of Tourism.

Africa: Elephants and Elegance

While visitors admire the giraffes, backlit by a vibrant South African sunset from atop an elephant, the pachyderm parade enters a clearing where elegance reigns supreme. There, in the wild bushveld, the Camp Jabulani staff has created a swanky spot for sundowners to end the elephant safari, complete with silver candelabras on the table, crystal wine glasses and mahogany chairs upholstered in striped zebra skin with the spiked mane running down the back.