Meagan Drillinger

Meagan Drillinger

Staff Editor

Meagan Drillinger has been with Luxury Travel Advisor since 2009, covering both Asia and Mexico. A fan of both fabulous hotels and culturally immersive experiences, Meagan has crafted her own travels in this manner all over the world, from Mexico City to Thailand and beyond. A graduate of New York University, she loves travel, New York City, tacos and music. 

"Wherever you go…there you are." 

Meagan's most memorable travel story was on a solo trip to India. She was staying at the Leela Palace in Udaipur. One morning she went to a ritual ceremony to the god Vishnu that was held before sunrise. She was the only foreigner at the ceremony. Even with language and cultural barriers, those participating in the ritual wanted Meagan to be a part of it, as well. They led her to the altar and through signs and demonstrating showed her how to take part in the ceremony. It was a perfect combination of everything she loves about travel.

She also got into a huge fight in broken Italian with an airport security guard at the airport in Rome...but that's another story for another time.

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