Banyan Tree Mayakoba Hosts Mayan-Inspired Dinner


Banyan Tree Mayakoba has introduced the HABB, an immersive outdoor dinning experience that brings to life the ancient culture, customs and cuisine of the Mayan people. The experience is surrounded by the jungle but just steps from the resort.

The dining area is named after the Mayan Zodiac, a part of the Mayan calendar. It is inspired by the earth, wind, fire and water. Guests will experience these four elements during the evening. The cuisine is prepared over an open fire pit, guests sit on the earthy forest floor and are surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

Guests will be led to their dinner by Mayan warriors that arrive at the resort by canoe. Throughout the dinner, the warriors will tell stories of Mayan history and culture, explaining the origins of their calendar, their traditions, crafts and knowledge of astronomy.

Through the cuisine, guests will also connect with the Mayan culture. Sopes, an appetizer made of fried corn dough with fresh vegetables and slow cooked meat, will be served, along with other traditional bites like xtabentum, which is a flower that grows wild on the Yucatan peninsula. Guests will also enjoy fresh fish and shrimp, pulled chicken, spiced suckling pig, tortillas filled with a special Latin squash and more.

The HABB can accommodate 16 guests and is open daily.   

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