Become a China Expert with Imperial Tours

China-based Imperial Tours' new agent training program, launched earlier this year, is already off to a great start as it has turned 42 travel agents into "China Experts."

Each agent participated in a three-session education program, learning about the Imperial Tours vacation product including its itineraries, group departures, sightseeing opportunities, emerging destinations and more. Those who passed the tests received the China Expert designation.

Bonus: Agents who sell more than $40,000 of Imperial Tours' trips within three years after completing the program will earn $900 cash or 50 percent off the cost of a fam trip.

Agents who sell over $100,000 of Imperial Tours' trips wtihin three years of the program will earn $1,800 cash or a FREE fam trip.

Each agent who completes the training will receive 10 percent off the price of a fam trip.

Want to become a China Expert? Contact Margot Kong, director of sales & marketing. [email protected].