Bjork's Biophilia Album Premieres Onboard Icelandair Flights

Bjork’s new Biophilia album, which is due for release October 10, is enjoying a special sneak premiere on Icelandair’s in-flight entertainment system.

“It is a real honor for us at Icelandair to be able to offer Bjork’s Biophilia album as part of our in-flight entertainment,” said Gudmundur Oskarsson, director of marketing and business development at Icelandair. “Bjork is one of the foremost artists in the world right now, and many people have been waiting in anticipation to listen to this album.”

Bjork will perform twice at this year’s Iceland Airwaves music festival from October 12-16, at the newly opened concert hall Harpa in downtown Reykjavik. These performances will feature new songs from the Biophilia album as well as old favorites.

Earlier this year, Icelandair had also premiered Arabian Horse from Icelandic electro musicians Gus Gus.