CLIA Opens Enrollment for 2017 Travel Agency Membership in October

Photo By: Rawpixel-Ltd-iStock-Getty-Images-Plus/Getty Images

Cruise Lines International Association announced its 2017 Travel Agency Membership program enrollment opens October 3. This year, CLIA updated and expanded its membership offerings to provide members with additional benefits. 

The new program has been simplified, and travel agencies will have the option of signing up for either the Travel Agency Membership or the Premier Agency Membership.

Travel Agencies who join CLIA in 2017 will have access to CLIA’s newest member benefits, including:

  • Career Seascape: CLIA’s professional development platform that provides variety of training opportunities for CLIA Members. 
  • Certified Cruise Counsellor: An entry-level certification which offers career counseling services for members who have questions or need assistance with choosing the best professional development options. 
  • Cruise Finder: Cruise Finder provides ship information, itineraries and onboard offerings across CLIA’s Global Cruise Line Members
  • New Commission Opportunities: A partnership between CLIA and other travel-related companies, like Marriott, Samsonite and Carey International, aimed towards providing commissions to CLIA Members. 
  • Auto Renew: Simplifies the application process for enrolling and renewing in the future.
  • EMBARC ID: Entitles CLIA members to priority invitation and confirmation for ship inspections, seminars at sea, and FAM trips.