Clients Share Tsunami Experience

Do you have clients affected by the tsunami? We've heard from a handful of agents at Travel Leaders who have had clients impacted by the tsunami. Take a look below:

"We have (had) two travelers scheduled to leave Narita (NRT) at 2:30 p.m.  We learned they were on the plane, taxiing to the runway for takeoff when the earthquake hit. Their flight was delayed six hours and departed at 8:59 p.m.  They are enroute to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) now on Delta 276. They called us from the runway in NRT and we protected them on a later flight from DTW to Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) and reserved a one way rental car in case they miss the 9:45 p.m. connection to CVG."
Dave Hershberger, Cincinnati, OH.

"Yes, we have clients in Maui at this time.  Jackie (they are her customers) from my office, who is in Tulum, Mexico, has already been in contact with them and they are okay.  They have been moved to the ninth floor of the resort and moved their car to higher ground.  We are currently checking our database to find any other customers and will be in contact with them providing help if necessary."
Sue Tindell, CTC, Rice Lake, WI.

"Yes I have a client in Tokyo at this time.  I have been in touch with his local office this morning and he is okay.  I’m waiting to find out if we need to change his return flights at this time.  I reminded the corporate office that we are here if they need to change his return.  I have provided the corporate office my cell phone number for 24 hour assistance – especially since the weekend is coming up."
Vicky Voll, Glendale, CA.

"I have six clients that are supposed to travel through Japan this weekend (final destination is Taiwan) with Delta. Right now we are exploring our options. Delta is offering refunds and they are waiving change fees through March 18 with travel by March 31.  I also have honeymooners in Hawaii and a family in Mexico.  I tried contacting my clients in Hawaii directly but there was no answer (it’s still early in the morning there). I called the resort they’re staying at and everything is OK. There is no damage and no reports of injuries. Today the resort is closing the beach and the pool."
Paul Garcia, Cedarburg, WI.

"I have two clients on the Ocean Princess that left March 8 from Osaka, Japan en route to Shanghai with stops in Hiroshima and Fukuoka, Japan the first two days.  Fortunately, they are at sea today before a port stop in Vladivostok, Russia tomorrow.  I have had friends call to ask about their safety and I am reassured by Princess that this ship is on course with no plans to change itinerary. Also, two of my 'outside' agents are on the Diamond Princess which left from Shanghai on March 3 and at sea today in route to Da Nang, Vietnam tomorrow.  All is well on that voyage from what I have been told.  Their daughter called for reassurance and I gave her the information I received from Princess."
Elena S. Pelsinger, Houston, TX.

"We do not have anyone in Japan, but do have people in Hawaii.  Both on Maui and the Big Island.  Below is an email that the folks on the Big Island sent to me. 
'Major earthquake in Japan....8.9.   We are under a tsunami warning.. We are on the farthest outer edge of the evacuation area.  Friends will leave their TV on all night and we have a phone tree in place.   Volcano has quieted down.'"
Denise Petricka, Eau Claire, WI.

"My parents are currently in Kauai and scheduled to depart tonight.  They are safe.  Now I’m checking flights to make sure they can get home. We also have corporate clients that are supposed to be heading to Japan; we are working with them to figure out what they will do."
Wendy Schwartz-Mix, CTA, Woodbury, MN.

"A client is in Chicago boarding a flight for Hawaii right now (9:45 a.m. ET). The reports are positive for Hawaii. We did discuss the fact that last week she bought Travel Guard because of our weather. I am so glad they purchased it."
Sandy Anderson, Coon Rapids, MN.