Consortia News Roundup

travel agentNexion Brings PowerUP! 

Training Program Up to Date Nexion is revamping its interactive training program PowerUP! Established in 2008 primarily as a way to attract new agents to the travel industry, the training curriculum will be completely updated and expanded.

What is being called PowerUP! 2.0 will have a full revision of all the course work and content. The courses will provide agents with training on the day-to-day tasks and communication necessary to build relationships with clients. Agents will be asked to complete a range of preferred supplier training programs to increase their knowledge of Nexion’s supplier offerings, tools and processes.

PowerUP! participants will also be required to complete two case assignments which entail qualifying the client, conducting the necessary research, presenting the client with a proposal, closing the sale, taking the booking as far as possible in a booking engine and presenting follow-up plans. 

Enhanced and revised components of PowerUP! became available in September, and all updates will be complete by January 1. A one-time program fee of $495 covers all of the training.


New Mobile-Friendly Consumer Websites Launched 

New mobile sites launched by Cruise One and Cruises Inc. provide a lean version of the homepage, “About Us”, “Contact Us”, cruise search/cruise finder and cruise line promotional pages. New options include “Find An Agent Near You”, enabling users to search for an agent by geographic location according to zip code or state, as well as an option for consumers to sign up for free promotional e-mails offering exclusive vacation deals.