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Samantha Erickson
Samantha Erickson

Success doesn’t happen overnight for most of us. It takes long-term strategy, meticulous planning and a lot of hard work. Many of the travel advisors I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know speak of a long journey, but they all took a separate path to achieve their success. Some learned from established agencies, others drew from their personal experience; some began straight out of university, others found designing travel itineraries a dream second career. Regardless of how they achieved this success, they continued to further their travel experience and education to bring the best possible solutions to their clients.

There is more information created each day about the travel industry, various properties around the world and the ever-changing luxury consumer. Knowing what is worth reading and spending your valuable time on is a daunting task. So how do you stay up to date?

This is where Luxury Travel Exchange International (LTX) comes in. With hard-hitting content, you will quickly have the opportunity to learn what's new in the luxury market. Participation includes access to education developed just for you, the luxury advisor, in addition to access to hundreds of premium suppliers from all corners of the globe.

Tracks Designed for You

There are multiple tracks in our educational program, all designed to help you expand your luxury business and drive up profits. Each session builds upon the previous to help paint a complete picture for that particular aspect of your business plan. While there is no need to stick to a particular track and each session is open to all advisors in attendance, you will see a substantial difference in your knowledge on the topic when you follow one in particular. Each track will send you home with actionable items to implement into your business.

"Sales and Marketing" allows you to set strategies for your long- and short-term business plans to expand your luxury clientele and profits. You will learn how to upsell new and existing clientele with confidence, and how to make the most of every penny spent on marketing with strategic partnerships. Every session is about high-impact marketing and best sales practices to bring in high-profit sales.

"The Service Experience" will sharpen your talent for providing a level of customer service that will win over online booking engines every time. The best customer service involves anticipating needs and getting to know your client in a professional way, but navigating that line can be difficult for even the most seasoned travel advisor. Securing a client for life is about delivering a level of experience and unforgettable trips that will keep your clients coming back for more.

"Professional Development" will cultivate the top performer and super star travel advisor within. Learn how to build and effectively manage your personal brand across social media, your web presence and participation in local events. This track will also touch on the hot topic for 2013 in the travel industry, the millennial generation client.

Join Us

The overall goal of LTX is to empower you to sell more luxury by providing the solutions necessary to do so. There is no other event in the marketplace that gives you this ability quite like LTX. Join us for Luxury Travel Exchange International, September 10-12 at The Venetian Las Vegas. Apply online today at