Adults-Only Options: Line by Line

Several cruise companies offer their own spin on the adults-only retreat, yet similarities abound across the lines. At their most basic level, the areas are designed to maximize your clients' comfort level, with exclusive amenities not available elsewhere on the ships. Quiet Cove Pools are found on Disney Magic and Disney Wonder

Adult-only areas are increasingly appearing on the newer ships as they float out of the shipyards, designed mostly for contemporary cruise lines, giving guests the choice to upscale their cruise experience.

So far, guests have raved about these pockets of tranquility. Here's a cruise-line-specific look at what your clients will find on the ships you sell.

Carnival Cruise Lines

The Spot: Serenity

The Fee: None

The Situation: Carnival Cruise Lines is making its "Fun Ships" a bit more grown-up. When the line embarked on a $250 million-plus refurbishment of its Fantasy-class ships, the powers that be decided to refit the ships with adult-only sections. The first two ships to get renovated, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Imagination, now have these areas, which Carnival calls Serenity. Pool at Serenity, an adult area that is part of Carnival's "Evolutions of Fun" plan for its ships

The area is in a secluded aft section of the ship, which offers unobstructed ocean views. Serenity areas are outfitted with plush chaise lounges and chairs; colorful oversized umbrellas, providing maximum shade; and two whirlpools. In addition, there is bar service with waiters and, if your clients get hungry, the Lido restaurants are conveniently located nearby.

Carnival executives are touting the adult-only addition as an "alternative" to the usual onboard experience. To check out an image of the Serenity areas, visit

Princess Cruises

The Spot: The Sanctuary

The Fee: $10 for half-day pass

The Situation: Princess' adults-only oasis, The Sanctuary, is tied closely to its Lotus Spa (they are adjacent to each other) and promises to whisk your clients away to a haven of relaxation. There is currently a Sanctuary on Crown Princess and Emerald Princess at the uppermost forward portions of deck 17. Ruby Princess will also have the Sanctuary when it joins the fleet next year.

In these areas, "Serenity Stewards" are on hand to provide guests with everything from chilled face towels and Evian water sprays to a menu of healthy signature beverages and light meals. Guests can rent personal MP3 players with pre-loaded relaxation-themed playlists and noise-canceling headphones to ensure a peaceful listening environment.

If your clients desire spa services, the Sanctuary features two outdoor private cabanas where guests can receive exclusive Lotus Spa treatments such as a variety of massages.

The Sanctuary is noteworthy for its decor as well as for its amenities. The space is dressed in green tones set against an array of outdoor furniture, including double lounges for couples.

Celebrity Cruises

The Spot: Solarium

The Fee: None

The Situation: Although Celebrity does not have formal adult-only areas, the Solariums on the Millennium-class ships serve the function along with the thalassotherapy pools on Celebrity Galaxy and Celebrity Mercury.

Speaking of adult-only activity, Celebrity has no problem with female passengers taking their tops off. The uppermost decks of all Celebrity ships allow topless sunbathing (sorry, kids, it's strictly for adults). Outside these areas, the ship bars, lounges and casinos prohibit children.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

The Spot: Solarium

The Fee: None

The Situation: Like its sister cruise line Celebrity, Royal Caribbean has Solariums on its Vision-, Radiance-and Freedom-class ships that are intended for use only by grown-ups. The Freedom-class ships have added cantilevered whirlpools in the Solariums, which embellish the experience.

Also like Celebrity, Royal Caribbean has a strict policy preventing those not of age from entering the ships' nightclubs. Security computer stations set up outside the clubs verify age with a swipe of the passenger's sail card.

Disney Cruise Line

The Spot: Quiet Cove Pool

The Fee: None

The Situation: When selling a Disney cruise, the first thing that may pop into your clients' heads is: What can adults do to get away from the outnumbering and omnipresent kiddies? Yes, a Disney cruise caters to children; it's Disney, what do you expect? However, the cruise line has taken steps to ensure that parents and those traveling without children have as enjoyable a time as the kids.

Disney Cruise Line isolates an area called the Quiet Cove Pool on its two ships, Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. The section is intended for guests over the age of 18 (which is stated in a sign posted there) and features a pool flanked by two whirlpools. The area also abuts Signals, the poolside bar, which makes it convenient for obtaining a beverage.

A note for agents: A year ago I sailed Disney Wonder to the Caribbean and often set up shop at the Quiet Cove Pool. Though it wasn't unbearable, children do run through the area occasionally and no staff member was patrolling the section. You should alert your clients that the area isn't child-free at all times. — DE

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