On AgentNation: Are Clients Finding Better Cruise Deals Without Agent Assistance?

Laura Helton, a member of AgentNation, asks, "Are you finding that the consumer can go directly to cruise sites and get a better deal? I just had this happen to me.  My client could get a better deal with Carnival than I."

Several agents have responded.

User TJCash empathizes and said, among other things:
I had the same experience with Carnival.  I believe that's the case with all of them.  I don't fault the cruise line as much as I do the system.

Linda Heron, another member of AgentNation, provided a suggestion, saying:
If you are not signed up with book CCL.COM you are not getting the best deals. The clients can get the early booking deal if booked on the site only. You can get the same deals, but it has to be booked at BOOKCCL.COM - there are early booking specials that can be booked online only.

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