American Cruise Lines Announces New Travel Agent Portal

American Cruise Lines announced plans for an upcoming travel agent portal, the first of many new features to be added to the company’s new website. The new agent portal will be available this summer, and will feature the following:

Personal Login and Secured Access – Private and secure accessibility for each agent.

Agent Benefits – Outline of partnership perks and earning potential (tiered commission structure).

Training and Certification – In-depth virtual training and certification program.

Promotional/Marketing Tools – Letterhead shells, email blast archive, product PDFs and more.

Video and Image Gallery – High-resolution multimedia downloads for agent use.

Agent Order Form – Agents can place orders for any materials, including brochures.

FAM Program – Details on familiarization cruises.

The development of the travel agent portal follows a series of training webinars on American Cruise Lines’ Mississippi River and Alaska cruises. These webinars and future ones will be available for download through the new agent site. An exact launch date will be announced later this spring, along with further details on what agents can expect.

Additionally, in response to the travel agent community, American Cruise Lines has launched a brand new corporate website at Visit there for more information.