American Cruise Lines Expands Queen of the West Schedule

queen of the westAmerican Cruise Lines has announced an expansion of its Columbia and Snake Rivers cruise schedule onboard Queen of the West

The line is introducing a five-day Highlights of the Columbia River itinerary as well as adding four additional dates to its eight-day Columbia and Snake Rivers itinerary. American Cruise Line said it made this decision following strong demand since the announcement of lower pricing for Queen of the West itineraries

The new Highlights of the Columbia River cruise will offer, for the first time, a roundtrip Columbia and Snake Rivers cruise from Portland, OR. The cruise will feature the national scenic areas of Columbia River Gorge, the famous Multnomah Falls, Mount St. Helens, and Fort Clatsop, where Lewis & Clark spent the winter of 1805-1806 during their historic journey. Four dates in 2016 have already been released for this itinerary, while three more are scheduled for 2017.

The line will also be reducing the ship’s capacity to 100 passengers.