Arctic Cruise Ship Captain Faces Prison Time After Accident

Alexey Maryshev, the captain who hit a glacier with a cruise ship chartered by British tour operator Discover the World, could face up to two years in jail after a wave of ice and water crashed over the ship injuring 17 passengers last week. Captain George Zhelenin was at the helm when the ship sailed close to the Hornsundbreen glacier in the Svalbard Islands about 600 miles off the coast of Norway. The glacier then calved, causing a tsunami of ice blocks and freezing water, which swept across the ship's deck. Four passengers were seriously injured. Zhelenin admitted shortly after the accident that he had steered too close to the glacier. Discover the World is pushing for prosecution and will compensate the victims, who paid upwards of $6,000 for the 10-day cruise.

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