Avalon Waterways Adds Four Legacy Cruises for 2016

ViennaAvalon Waterways has announced the addition of four new legacy-inspired cruises aimed at history buffs for 2016. 

Habsburg History River Cruise

The Holy Roman Empire was continuously occupied by the Habsburgs from 1438 to 1740. On this cruise, travelers will learn the stories behind one of Europe’s most important royal houses. Carlos Felipe von Habsburg will sail with Avalon’s guests, providing an insider’s point-of-view into his family’s long, royal dynasty.

Danube Dreams (10 days from Prague to Budapest) – April 13, 2016 departure

World War I Cruise

On this special interest departure, travelers will learn the stories behind the first World War (100 years after it began) and significant historical sites. 

Enchanting Belgium (9 days from Amsterdam to Namur) – April 4, 2016 departure

Jewish Heritage Cruise

Travelers will discover Europe’s monuments, museums and traditions significant to Jewish history on this special departure. They will also spend time in the Jewish ghetto of Terezin, where tens of thousands of innocent people died during the Nazi occupation. 

Danube Dreams (12 days from Budapest to Prague) – April 6, 2016 departure

European History & Politics Cruise

Guests can take an in-depth look at the politics that shaped Europe’s history, including learning the story’s behind some of the world’s most historical sites.

Blue Danube to the Black Sea River Cruise (14 days from Bucharest to Vienna) – April 24 and April 27, 2016 departures.
Those booking their 2016 cruise early can save save 10 percent on all Europe cruises. For details, click here.  

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