Azamara Club Cruises Inaugurates the AzAmazing Evenings Program

Azamara Club Cruises is inaugurating its new inclusive program, AzAmazing Evenings, exclusive night touring events that are inclusive for all guests aboard every Azamara voyage. The latest AzAmazing Evenings event took place at Sete, France, during the cruise line's President’s Voyage, where president and CEO Larry Pimentel and wife Sandi are currently hosting an itinerary along the Cote D’Azur. Throughout the President’s Voyage, which concludes at Monte Carlo on April 10, Larry is sharing his thoughts and insights through his new Twitter handle @LarryPimentel, as guests of Azamara Quest join in cultural experiences. Travelers also can join the President’s Voyage virtually with #AzAmazing.

While at Sete on Thursday evening, guests were treated to the historic sport of ‘jouste,’ or water jousting, an AzAmazing Evenings event created just for Azamara Quest guests. A band heralded the impending contest as they led guests through the streets of Sete to the Grand Canal, where two decorated boats waited to carry two teams of men to face off against one another. The festivities continued with local wine and fare, concluding with a fireworks exhibition as Azamara Quest departed Sete in the late evening.

Prior to Sete, the very first AzAmazing Evenings event was launched on March 30 at Gibraltar, U.K., where St. Michael’s Cave was opened exclusively to guests of Azamara that night. Guests were welcomed to St. Michael’s Cave by members of the Re-enactment Society “History Alive,” clad in traditional Scottish Regiment dress uniform, and ushered into a unique night-time cocktail reception with local canapés in Cathedral Cave. The evening included a private concert in the cave by the Royal Gibraltar Regiment Band and Corps of Drums in Cathedral Cave, accompanied by Gibraltar’s vocalist Andrea Simpson.

The AzAmazing Evenings events cannot be purchased off-the-shelf from any other supplier. Along with the new AzAmazing Evenings events, Azamara Quest’s guests also are able to access more inclusive onboard amenities including boutique wines, international beers and select standard spirits in the ships’ bars, lounges and restaurants when open. Azamara Journey will launch its AzAmazing Evenings events aboard every voyage and more inclusive amenities on its first 2013 Europe voyage, departing May 15.

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