Azamara's 2017 Itineraries Add Ports in New Zealand, Seychelles

Azamara Cruises Azamara Club Cruises has released its 2017 itineraries. In 2017 Azamara will offer 65 voyages to 203 ports in 68 countries. Four new ports will be added, including Kaikoura, New Zealand; Mahe, Seychelles; Yucatan, Mexico and George Town, Grand Cayman.

Some of the voyages offered to customers will be from Australia to Asia and southern California to South Beach. Passenger favorite “A Look Back in History” voyage will run again from Normandy, Holland and Germany.

Azamara provides passengers with exclusive tours and also gives travelers the chance to experience a destination during the day and at night with nighttime excursions. Starting in 2015, Azamara will also offer guests the chance to eat at local restaurants in different cities.    

Winter and spring 2017 destinations include a trip to the West Indies, the Panama Canal and Central America. Another trip will be to Australia and New Zealand.

In the summer and fall a trip to the Mediterranean and Black Sea has been planned. 

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