Carnival Cruise Line to Host “Lip Sync Battle” Competitions

Spike TV’s hit show “Lip Sync Battle” will be debuting on Carnival Cruise Line this winter, allowing guests to partake in the event by channeling their inner music star.

Lip Sync Battle Carnival is an authentic recreation of the show where contestants face off in a head-to-head competition to create the most outstanding performances to iconic songs. Participants will be given elaborate props and costumes in addition to high-tech lighting and sound effects, talented back-up dancers from Carnival’s Playlist Productions shows, and an authentic backdrop with the “Lip Sync Battle” signature marquee and DJ booth.

Lip Sync Battle has a footprint in over 150 countries worldwide, but this will be its first appearance on the ocean.

At the beginning of the cruise, the competition will begin, with the finalists be narrowed down throughout the week. Two finalists will be selected based on their enthusiasm, originality, and creativity. The finalists will have the chance to fine-tune their performance working with Carnival’s on-board entertainment experts to map out choreography, select their sets, props, and accessories. 

An introduction by the cruise director will start the finals, where contestants will put on their performances. After the performances, the winner will be selected by an audience vote and receive a special prize unique to the reality show. 


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