Carnival Cruise Lines Adds "Count" to Muster Drill

In the aftermath of the Costa Concordia accident, cruise lines have adjusted safety procedures. Today, John Heald, Carnival Cruise Lines' popular cruise director, announced to readers on his popular Facebook page ( that the line has added a mandatory count of all passengers at individual muster stations. .

Here's what Heald says the line is doing:

"Starting this weekend we will now add another element to our Guest Safety Briefings and here is the announcement you will all hear given during the drill by the Cruise Director.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Carnival Cruise Lines' commitment to safety has always been paramount and at this time I need your cooperation please. Before I continue with the safety briefing and information on how to save your life in an emergency we need to simulate what would happen if such a situation arose with the crew members at your muster station passing amongst you in order to do a head count.

"This is what would happen in a real emergency and, as I would then, I will ask you now to please stay in your current position. Please do not move, and parents and guardians I ask you to please keep your children close by as well so we can make this an accurate count.

"Thank you in advance for your cooperation and I am sure you all understand the importance of this critical exercise. Once the head count is over I will continue with the briefing. Muster station supervisors……please start the count.”


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