Carnival Cruise Lines Launches the Carnival Passport Learning Management System

Carnival Cruise Lines updated its learning tools for travel agents with the launch of Carnival Passport, a new learning management system that houses all of the line¹s training and education activities in one area within Carnival Passport replaces Carnival Cruise Lines University (CCLU) and provides agents with more learning options. With Carnival Passport, agents may select learning activities that best suit their particular educational needs while earning credits along the way. This differs from the former CCLU program, which outlined set activities for earning credits.

Travel agents can earn credits within Carnival Passport by participating in tutorials, webinars, trade shows, seminars at sea and the From Your Home to Our Home Port program. Carnival Passport also includes Carnival Adventures, the line¹s new social learning game for travel agents. Travel agents who have earned degrees with CCLU will receive credit for their previously completed activities within Carnival Passport. Carnival Passport has six levels: Fun Seeker, Extraordinary Explorer, Awesome Adventurer, Fantastic Voyager, Daring Discoverer and Grand Globetrotter.  Upon completing each level, agents will receive a certificate along with an electronic version of a logo stamp featuring their level of completion, which may be used in marketing materials. After completing a level, agents will be issued points, which they can enter into the line¹s Travel Agent Rewards Program. Carnival Passport offers agents the opportunity to earn more than 36,500 points in the Rewards Program, the most robust earning opportunity for the program yet.

Additional features and benefits of Carnival Passport include a new layout allowing agents to view a menu highlighting live events, a calendar of upcoming events, a video library and an educational catalog that references all of the offerings within the site. Carnival Passport also stores agents' registration information, ensuring they only need to enter their information once when registering for various Carnival events. In addition, a search functionality allows agents quick access to areas most important to them. 

Carnival’s new learning management system system allows for agents to receive 2,500 to 9,000 points within the rewards program for completing various learning levels.  In addition to that, as they play games they will be able to rack up Fun points which can then be converted into rewards points.

The link to the rewards program is where they can receive carnival branded items, gift cards, on board fun points, iPads or TV's. 


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