Carnival to Remove Tipping for Maitre D' From Suggested Gratuities

Starting this month, Carnival Cruise Lines is taking the dining room Maitre D' completely out of the current gratuity system.
According to a Facebook posting today by John Heald, the line's popular cruise director who also gives updates to cruisers: "They will not be part of the new $11.50 gratuity at all and there will be no announcements or videos that mention you should tip your Maitre D'."
Heald said he couldn't discuss more, but that the Maitre D' crew members are happy. So, it  appears Carnival is compensating them in some way. 
"Now obviously if you feel that the Maitre D' did something special for you or that he or she did an outstanding job then yes, please do tip them but it is no longer expected and the envelopes will be removed from the cabin," said Heald. 
The changes go into effect for cruises starting Dec. 1-4 on all ships, except Carnival Paradise, where the procedure will begin on Dec. 12.