Celebrity Cruises Launches iPad Art Tours

Technorati won't want to miss Celebrity Cruises' new self-guided art tours via iPad.

Earlier this year, Celebrity introduced the first "Celebrity iLounge," a center equipped with MacBook workstations, a retail space and an enrichment center. The iPads on each Solstice Class ship are now equipped with floor plans of every deck, with select works of art flagged.

The tour begins with a touch of the screen when guests select the work of art he or she would like to learn about. Details include the title, artist's name, medium used, description and image.

Celebrity's three Solstice Class ships are home to over 14,000 works of original art.

The new tours began on Celebrity Solstice as of August 15. They will continue on Celebrity Eclipse and Celebrity Equinox on August 21.

Visit www.celebritycruises.com.

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